Bed Bug Prevention Service

The best way of controlling bed bug infestations is to prevent it! But there are still ways that bed bugs can find ways into your homes. They are like little hitchhikers, you can bring them home from public transportation, the movie theatre, the thrift store, the mall, hotels and other countries, pretty much anywhere people can go so can bed bugs.

The number one thing with bed bugs is prevention and if that fails then finding the bugs sooner than later can save you a lot of hassle heartache and money. Sleep Easy Pest Control can provide detailed visual inspection and information. We also offer K9 bed bug scent detection services

Bed Bug Prevention Package

Caulking Baseboard and Electrical Outlets:

Caulking baseboards and electrical outlets is essential when you are living in apartments or condos. Anywhere that you are attached to another unit you need to take precaution because bed bugs can crawl through the smallest spaces and if your neighbors are infested chances are they may make their way into your unit. Also, installing plugs into your electrical outlets further prevents pathways into your home. A preventative perimeter spray can be applied as an extra precaution. Dusting cracks, crevices and electrical outlets with an environmentally friendly DE is also a great way to ensure an extra barrier to block out these persistent pests.

Installing bed bug proof bed coverings:

Bed bug covers are a great aid in the battle against Bed Bugs. If you happen to get an infestation in the future they won’t allow the bugs to penetrate into your bed and box springs making it easier to treat.

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