K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection

Pests are a major threat to our health, well-being, and property and should be brought under control as quickly as possible. Pests are responsible for a number of problems including: spreading disease, contaminating food, property damage, and a reduction in overall quality of life within your home or business. These impacts from pests can quickly escalate if not brought under control quickly and effectively. There has been many advances in pest control practices in recent years and one that I decided was a very useful tool in the fight against bed bugs is dog scent detection.

Why bring in the dogs?

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell – in fact, their sense of smell is a thousand times better than a humans! Because of this fact, dogs are used in a wide variety of detection work and you have likely heard of “bomb sniffing dogs” or “drug sniffing dogs”. Well in this case, the dogs are trained to sniff out bed bugs. With a 95% accuracy rate, scent dogs are a very effective means of bed bug detection. They can clear an apartment in approximately 5-10 minutes and an average home in approximately 30 minutes. Other detection methods can take a considerably longer time to complete and with accuracy levels of less than 60%. The main advantage of using a scent detection dog is its ability to detect bed bugs in areas where other methods cannot - such as inside the bed itself, or other areas not easily seen. Scent detection dogs are unbiased and provide a complete and thorough means of bed bug detection.

The Standard

The Standard has been developed for detection dogs to make sure you are getting the best in the business. Pando Stepanis and Russ Fox from the Peel Regional Police have been working together to put “The Standard” in place so that you are ensured you have the best trained dogs and handlers in the country. Pando is a world renowned dog trainer and has been in the business of training detection dogs for many years and has multiple accreditations under his belt. Recently, since bed bugs have been taking over Toronto and surrounding areas there have been people trying to get into the bed bug detection business to make a quick buck, which means untrained dogs and handlers with no knowledge. Don’t forget to do your research and make sure the company you hire has a dog and handler that have both passed “The Standard”.

In preparation to take the standard test it takes many hours of training with owner and the dog to build a relationship, it takes much dedication to know the K9’s abilities and behaviors. Along with the certification, the dog detects on live bugs and eggs only. Within the hours of training there is a large process to follow to ensure this. You don’t want a dog coming into your place of residence and detecting on dead bugs and feces that has been there for months. This is why we train and proof dogs to things that make them falter including: old bed bugs, feces, human food, and medications.

K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

I trained handler will pass through your business or residence and ensure that there are no bed bugs present at the time of the inspection. If bed bugs are found we can provide extermination services. If there are no bed bugs found at time of inspection we can help keep it that way by providing preventative measures to help ensure your home or business stays bed-bug free. See “bed bug prevention” or “bed bug extermination” for more info

    We do initial detections and scheduled preventative detections for any personal residence or business including:
  • Hotels: room by room sweep, monthly and quarterly schedule
  • Schools: lounge areas, class rooms, dressing rooms
  • Apartment Buildings: individual rooms, floor by floor, common areas
  • Private Residences: sweep of the whole residence, set up detection program
  • Mail Rooms & Shipping Facilities: trucks, mail bag storage, mail room
  • Second Hand Stores: set up schedule for when shipments come in to pin point bugs, trucks, whole building
  • Frequent Business Traveler: luggage checks
  • Libraries: book shelves, used book areas, lounge areas
  • Movie Theatres: check all theatre rooms, perimeter and chairs
  • High Class Venues: VIP dressing rooms, lounge areas, movie set sweep
  • College & University Residences: sweep to make sure unit is bed bug free before you move into an infested apartment
  • Bar Lounge areas: checking to make sure your lounges and common areas of your establishment are bed bug free for your customers

Other Services

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