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SleepEasy Pest Control is your first line of defense against bed bug infestation and other pests. We are committed to providing quick and effective solutions to your pest problems and take every measure to protect you and your family’s safety throughout the entire process so that you can Sleep Easy once again.

We offer safe and reliable bed bug prevention solutions. Pests, like bed bugs and cockroaches, are a major threat to our health, well-being, and property and should be brought under control as quickly as possible. Pests are responsible for a number of problems including: spreading disease, contaminating food, property damage, and a reduction in overall quality of life within your home or business. These impacts from pests can quickly escalate if not brought under control quickly and effectively. “Prevention is Key” as we say at Sleep Easy Pest Control, leave the dirty work to us because we care about your assets.


We service Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Elora, Fergus, and Elmira.

We proudly service private residences, golf courses, churches, small business, food service and apartment buildings. Our pest control treatments are tailored to suit any need at your Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

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