Sleep Easy Pest Control

Services We Offer

Humane Wildlife Removal

We humanely remove wildlife from your home or business fast. We keep the welfare of the animal a top priority and abide by the local wildlife relocation laws

Insect Extermination

We exterminate bed bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches and more

Wildlife Barrier Installation

We offer wildlife barrier installation to keep the unwanted visitors at bay. We install material to the weak points in construction to keep the animals from getting into your home or business

Bed Bug Prevention & Extermination

Prevention is key when it comes to the battle of the bed bugs. Keep the odds on your side and take preventative measures before these bugs have a chance to creep into your life

Honey Bee Rescue

We relocate honey bee swarms and we will save honey bees from inside your house or place of business

Bat Exclusion

Spotted a bat? To get the bats safely evicted we do a full exclusion on the home


Pre-move Preventative

Inspection, dust in outlets, spray cracks & crevices, installation of mouse bait stations, placement of pest monitor stations


Monthly Maintenance

We also offer monthly maintenance services to monitor and maintain control of any pest you may have


Year Round Protection

Protect your home from the unwanted visitors with our year-round protection package

Disturbed by the unwanted visitors?

We can help!